• PAcalculate, free calculator app for mobile phones and tablets

    PAcalculate is a free multi-platform multi-lingual app with calculators, useful reference information and utilities developed for sound reinforcement and lighting professionals. It can be used on smartphones and tablets. Languages include English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (simplified) and Spanish. And no bothersome bandwidth eating ads.

    With PA well as lighting related calculators, comprehensive options are provided as well as built-in help. Other calculators are not directly related to the industry, but will nonetheless be useful: Ohm's / Joule's Law, KVA, BPM to time and conversion of weighs and measures. In addition to calculators, pin assignment information is provided for some of the most common audio and lighting connectors. Lastly, inclinometer and adaptable torch/light utilities round up the feature set.

    The application uses responsive design; depending on the specific device, calculator or utility, horizontal use may sometimes be a good option.

    We hope you find this tool useful. It is light (around 2 MB) so you can keep it installed for future use, as it does not work in the background (it does not stay resident, so it will not slow your phone down).

    • Calculators
      • Audio
        • Acoustics
          • SPL, SPL addition
          • Ceiling speaker coverage
          • Air absorption
          • Time «» distance
          • Frequency «» wavelength
          • Line Array transition distance

        • Audio electronics
          • dBu «» dBV «» V
          • Q factor «» bandwidth
          • Limiter threshold / times
          • Amplifier gain

        • Cabling
          • Speaker cable, low impedance
          • Speaker cable, 70/100V

      • Lighting
        • DMX
        • RBG / RGBW /RGBW
        • CMY

      • Electricity
        • Ohm's Law / Joule 's Law
        • KVA

      • Music / recording
        • BPM » time
        • Tecording time
        • Note » Hz

      • Weighs and measures
        • Weight, length, area and volume

    • Reference
      • Pin assignments
        • Audio
          • XLR, 1/4”, SpeakON, DB25

        • Lighting
          • XLR3, XLR5

      • Graphs
        • Equal loudness contours (aka Fletcher&Munson)
        • Microphone polar patterns

    • Utilities
      • Inclinometer
      • Flashlight / selectable light


    • Android: Link. Can be moved to SD card, though it is very light
    • iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod-touch): Link
    • Windows-Phone: WP 8 (version equal or higher than 8.10.14219.0 is needed for 8.1) and Windows 10 Mobile. Link. Currently frozen at v1.2.4, which might have to be the latest WP version

    The app has been developed by José Brusi for Doctor ProAudio. On iOS store the app is under his name.

    ¡¡or simply search for PAcalculate in the app store of your phone or tablet!!

    or use this QR code QR:

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