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    One of the many confusing issues in professional audio is that of loudspeaker power handling. On one side, manufacturers use a variety of terms such as peak, RMS, average or program power. On another side, there exist differing methods to determine the power handling of speaker system or component which yield different results. We will ...
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    It not uncommon to have the need to control the volume (dynamics) of a signal in an automated way.

    We may be trying to avoid too high a level that will clip an amplifier or deafen the audience or send a speaker cone excursing to hyperspace. ...
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    This article will go through compressor controls and how to use them for a variety of applications. ...
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    In this article we'll go through noise gate control and how to use them in different applications. ...
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    1. What is intelligibility?

    The state or quality of being understood. It can apply to an idea or a writing, but in our context it relates to the spoken word and, less commonly, to music. ...

    The importance of cables for the connection between the amplifier and the speaker is often controversial. Hi-fi aficionados spend fortunes on cables that promise spectacular results, and our short auditory memory and subjectivity lead many to confirm these improvements in their systems.

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    Constant voltage, high impedance or line transformer systems are often a somewhat confusing concept for professionals used to rock and roll. They are actually very simple to design, among other things because they are intended to be installed by electricians and the like, with little experience in sound systems. In this article we will try to clarify the simple concepts needed to understand this type of system. ...
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    Measured in ohms (symbol, Ω, upper case Greek letter omega), electrical impedance is defined as the opposition to the flow of alternating current by means of presenting an electrical load. In a loudspeaker, impedance varies with frequency, so manufacturers often publish "impedance curves" showing impedance with frequency for passive units. These curves give us ...
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    There are two basic ways to carry an electrical audio signal.

    • The first one is unbalanced. The signal is carried on a two-conductor cable. Unbalanced signal connectors have two pins, such as the RCA (also called Phono and Cinch, commonly used by home hi-fi equipment) and the unbalanced 1/4" (used in musical instruments and semi-professional audio). Multi-pin connectors can also carry unbalanced signal, although they will not use all pins). For example, a three-pin XLR (Cannon) might carry an unbalanced signal, leaving one pin unused.

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    APEX purchased by Community Europe Group

    APEX has been acquired by fellow Belgian professional audio business, Community Europe S.A [Note-not related to Community Loudspeakers, now part of Biamp].

    ... Read more

    DAS launches SARA compact line array

    DAS Audio launched last week at ISE2023 its compact line array system, SARA, the little brother of LARA (both being part of the ARA series, like the coming mid-size format MARA) presented at PLS last year. Unlike LATA, it is not cardioid, although its bass complement, SARA-SUB, is.

    SARA is a symmetrical system with 3000Wrms of amplification, achieving a nominal maximum SPL of 139 dB at 1m, being intended for medium sized events and installations.

    SARA consists of 2 x 8″ loudspeakers (specifically, LARA's side speakers) custom designed for mid and low frequencies... Read more

    Audiofocus launches Cyris CX6 compact passive loudpeaker

    Audiofocus has launched the passive Cyris CX6 coaxial 6-inch loudspeaker and its companion powered C210S low-profile dual 10-inch subwoofer.

    With a nominal peak SPL of 122dB, the Cyris CX6 targets short-throw applications in fixed installations or live events, and can serve as a fill cabinet in larger performance, conference and worship settings. Its cardioid design [E.N. - this is a passive cardioid using... Read more

    Martin Audio announces addition to Torus Series

    Back in 2021, in the midst of the pandemic, Martin Audio unveiled their first constant curvature loudspeaker array, TORUS, featuring two variants T1215 and T1230, which reportedly outstripped the company’s initial projections... Read more
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    Intelligibility and its measurement

    1. What is intelligibility?

    The state or quality of being understood. It can apply to an idea or a writing, but in our context it relates to the spoken word and, less commonly, to music.... Read more
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