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    Mackie announces SRT Series powered loudspeakers

    Mackie has announced today its new line of SRT powered loudspeakers. The new line was specifically crafted for working musicians and includes three 1600W loudspeakers: SRT210 (10”), SRT212 (12”), and SRT215... Read more


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    Prolight + Sound 2021 cancelled

    The way the Covid-19 pandemic, it was pretty obvious that Prolight + Sound 2021, at least in the original mid-April dates, was not going to happen. Today, Frankfurt Messe has announced that there will be... Read more

    Electro-Voice launches the EVOLVE 50M column loudspeaker system

    Electro-Voice is expanding its EVOLVE series with the launch of the EVOLVE 50M column loudspeaker system. The EVOLVE 50M features Electro-Voice’s new QuickSmart Link digital audio and control... Read more

    EAW and dB Technologies support each other with distribution in their home regions

    Bologna, Italy and Whitinsville, Massachusetts, January 4, 2021 - Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) and dB Technologies have announced that they will be distributing each other’s... Read more
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    Intelligibility and its measurement

    1. What is intelligibility?

    The state or quality of being understood. It can apply to an idea or a writing, but in our context it relates to the spoken word and, less commonly, to music.... Read more

    Choosing loudspeaker cable

    The importance of cables for the connection between the amplifier and the speaker is often controversial. Hi-fi aficionados spend fortunes on cables that promise spectacular results, and our short auditory memory and subjectivity lead many to confirm these improvements in their systems.... Read more

    Constant voltage systems (70V, 100V lines)

    Constant voltage, high impedance or line transformer systems are often a somewhat confusing concept for professionals used to rock and roll. They are actually very simple to design, among other things because they are intended to be installed by electricians and the like, with little experience in sound systems. In this article we will try to clarify the simple concepts needed to understand this type of system.... Read more
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