• Maximum speaker cable lengths

    Maximum speaker cable lengths for :

    • Low impedance (2, 4, 8 and 16 ohm)
      • Quality
      • 3 dB loss, which could be an alternative to a line transformer system

    • High impedance (systems with line transformer)
      • 70V
      • 100V

    Low Impedance

    Results are for a total damping factor of 25, using an amplifier with a damping factor of 400 and signa loss of 0.3 dB. 25 is the minimum damping factor for a "quality installation". For higher quality, specially for bass, the above recommended lengths would be halved

    Results are for a signal loss of 3 dB and are in practice independent of the amplifier damping factor

    Alta Impedancia (High Impedance)

    Results are for a signal loss of 1 dB. For 3 dB loss, multiply the maximum lengths by 3.5

    Results are for a signal loss of 1 dB. For 3 dB loss, multiply the maximum lengths by 3.5

    NOTE: A comma is used as decimal separator instead of a colon. Multiply the resistance/100 m value by 0.3048 to get a value for resistance/100 feet. Multiply meter lengths by 0.3048 to get lengths in feet.

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