• Interview with Carlo Lastrucci (Powersoft)

    Green Audio Power¤ [DoPA] - Which side of the Atlantic would you say the best competitor products come from?
    ¤ [CL] - We believe from the East.

    ¤ [DoPA] - If you had to start a new company, what would you like to do?
    ¤ [CL] - We always had a big curiosity for energy, efficiency related matters and in some ways we tried to account also for these aspects in the design of our products that are very environmental friendly. So we could be probably involved in finding new ways of producing energy and I am sure with strange ideas of how to produce clean energy in a cheaper way.

    ¤ [DoPA] - Which way will Powersoft be going in the future?
    ¤ [CL] - We still have a lot of ideas to bring to the market for both live sound and install applications, always thinking what is best for the people that are using our products for carrying out their business in the most professional way. Unfortunately we cannot disclose more now but you will hear from us soon.

    ¤ [DoPA] - Which way do you see the industry going in the future?
    ¤ [CL] - We see a strong interest in accounting for the interaction with the environment. Each audio system is installed in a certain environment that is changing or interacting with the gear and producing the final performance, normally with a negative influence. We feel that we will have to focus in accounting for such a contribution in the equipment we made so that performance will not be affected by this phenomenon. It could appear science fiction but we believe it is possible; technology is available to achieve this.

    ¤ [DoPA] - Any other thoughts you would like to share with our readership?
    ¤ [CL] - I believe we need feedbacks from them in order to make things that are useful to solve their problems. We are open to listen and to improve. Obviously we cannot promise we can make everything and quickly but we will try.