• M 20X digital mixer from RCF

    The RCF M 20X is a 20x14 channel fully recallable desktop mixing/recording console, with 11 motorized faders, and 16 digitally controlled preamps.

    Despite its dimensions, the M 20X packs a comprehensive suite of capabilities built on the M 18 mixing platform, such as high-profile preamplifiers and A/D converters, DSP with studio-quality processing, WiFi remote control and an extensive set of multitrack recording and playback functions.

    The mixer offers a total of 20 analog inputs and 14 output mixes, between the balanced analog outputs and the AES/EBU digital output. The User Interface has been designed so that every parameter is reachable within a few operations, thanks to the 5” high contrast touchscreen, five multi-function encoders and 64 buttons on the surface, 8 of which are assignable User Keys.

    Extensive recording, virtual soundcheck, and playback features can be used for rehearsals, before, during and after the show. Multitrack audio can be handled via the onboard USB 2.0 Digital Audio Interface, for a maximum of 24 x 24 channels, and through the internal SD-card multitrack player/recorder, no computer required. The two multitrack options can be simultaneous. Also, a USB stereo multimedia player and recorder is available, handling multiple file formats. Two USB host ports on the top panel provide connection and power for USB devices, MIDI inputs, and WiFi dongles.

    The mixer can be entirely controlled and configured locally, but also remotely, through the M20 MixRemote control mobile app. Inputs can be linked into stereo pairs, and MIX busses can also be linked in stereo for stereo monitoring applications. All parameters, including preamp gains, can be saved and recalled for complete control in any context. Audio networking applications are covered thanks to the model M 20XD, which features a Dante interface.

    Each of the 16 inputs features a 12 dB/oct HPF, noise gate, a compressor/de-esser, a flexible 4-band parametric EQ, and a delay line. Four FX sends with 16 Z-CORE DSP effects. Output processing includes eight band EQ, 30 band graphic EQ and a compressor-limiter.

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