• Turbosound Manchester line array

    Turbosound presented its Manchester line array system at the recent Prolight and Sound show in Shanghai, with the aim of bringing "the brand back to premier live sound reinforcement".

    Manchester has been tested to withstand temperature and humidity extremes and is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Chris Hinds, 'leader' of the Turbosound brand in Music Tribe, comments, "We knew that sound became critically advanced. So we knew we had to become better. What has been asked of this system is what has been manufactured.

    To coincide with new product launches from sister companies Midas with the flagship Heritage D-96 console and Lab Gruppen with the new software implementations of the PLM range of amplifiers, the launch of Turbosound’s Manchester Series now means we are in the privileged position of being able to provide the complete solution. A one-stop-shop of a suite of complimentary products designed for high end touring and installed sound applications."

    In detail, the Manchester MV212 is a full range line array element, with a 3-way design and biamplified operation.

    In terms of bass complement, the MS215 is a flyable subwoofer (forward or backward for cardioid applications) and houses two 15" transcucers. It has band-pass topology and a power handling of 1000W (4000W peak). On the other hand, the MS218 is a 2x18" 2000W subwoofer for stacked use, again supporting for forward or backward.

    MV212 features:
    • Passive dual 12” 3-way line array element
    • Designed to work with Lab.Gruppen PM 12k44 amp using its integrated LAKE FIR processing
    • Integral Dendritic waveguides
    • 100° horizontal x 0 - 5° variable vertical curvature
    • 1.5” coaxial neodymium mid-high compression driver
    • 980W continuous, 3,160W peak power
    • MV212-LV downfill module with vertical coverage of 10 degrees and 790W of power, with the same size and topology as the narrow model and 3 kg lighter
    • 2x12" LF transducers
    • Up to 16 MV212-XV elements can be flown with 10:1 safety factor
    • Weather-resistant enclosure construction with durable semi matte black paint finish
    • Tour grade Neutrik SpeakON STX NL4 connectors for input and thru

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