• Axiom Pro Audio AX1012 vertical/horizontal array

    Axiom Pro Audio recently presented their first constant curvature array system, based on the full-range AX1012 array module. Capable of deployment as individual, point-source systems or in horizontal or vertical array configurations, AX1012 can be used for variety of applications, from small, mobile main FoH systems, to fills of all types, to permanent resident systems for in-the-round venues like sports arenas. The multi-purpose design and its related accessories, "makes it ideal for providing maximum return on investment for rental companies", says the company.

    The array element is available in the AX1012A version with 900 W + 300 W class D bi-amplification on board, or the passive AX1012P version, each capable of developing up to 134 dB SPL @ 1m. The enclosure is equipped with a single 12" woofer with a 3" voice coil for the low end of the frequency spectrum, while a 1.4" compression driver with a 2.4" voice coil handles the high end. The driver is coupled with a proprietary Seamless Transition Waveguide (STW) with a nominal dispersion of 20° along the short axis of the enclosure and of 100° on its long axis. The on-board amplification of AX1012A incorporates a CORE module based on a SHARC DSP. With internal 40 bit/96 kHz processing and "high quality" 24 bit AD/DA converters, it offers a dynamic range greater than 110 dB. It is network-controlled via the PRONET ax loudspeaker control software, which offers a user interface for system configuration, tuning, and live monitoring and control. The AX1012 is reportedly capable of maintaining this directivity down to 950 Hz, "making it an excellent choice for fill coverage where precision counts to avoid interference with the main system or other fills". According to Axiom, the Seamless Transition Waveguide is designed to couple the emissions of multiple AX1012 enclosures with practically zero interference in the perceptible frequency bandwidth, in order to construct arrays with uniform coverage in simple building blocks of 20° increments – whether horizontally or vertically.

    The hardware system for the AX1012 is designed to maximize the flexibility of the system for the rental company while minimizing inventory complications, says the company, minimizing the types of hardware for different types of flown, stacked or pole-mounted deployment. A horizontal suspension bar – used together with horizontal coupling bars – allows multiple AX1012 elements to be flown together horizontally from a single rigging point. A single type of vertical flying bar can be employed to suspend multiple units as main systems for smaller venues, center fills for larger stages, stage side-fills, out-fills, or under-balcony delay coverage. Two of these flying bars can be attached at either end of an array to create downward-firing clusters. This same flying bar can be used as a base for ground-stacking vertically curved arrays as mains systems for low-lying stages in amphitheaters or as ground-deployed coverage of the stands in sports venues. Pole-mount adaptors are available to create small, mobile systems either on stands for speech reinforcement or coupled by poles with subwoofer enclosures for musical applications. Horizontal arrays of AX1012 can be placed on their sides at stage level or atop subs to serve as mains, or as in-fills, out-fills or center clusters for the front rows in combination with larger systems.

    The cabinets are made of 15 mm reinforced phenolic birch. The enclosure can be factory customized in terms of aesthetics – with personalized RAL colors – but also to meet electro-mechanical or weather-resistance specifications through the use of alternative connectors, types of finish, silicon treatments, rust-resistant metal parts and other options.

    Both models are available now.

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