• Wavetool V3 RF monitoring software is now available

    Finnish software make Wavemark has announced the availability of its Wavetool RF monitoring software.

    New features in Wavetool V3


    Mic Check.
    The new Mic Check mode lets you mark the microphones that are good to go and see which mics still needs to be checked, independently for four Acts. Mic Check window shows who checked the mic and when. It also shows the mics that needs to be checked per Act. There`s a comment line for every channel for additional notes.

    Other changes in V3 for MacOS:
    -Improved GUI-Hard mute tool for muting the possible broken channel
    -Quality Level shown in Zoom window
    -Multi channel audio input patch in Ch I/O
    -Show/ Hide RF, Quality and Audio levels in Zoom window
    -Close Flash message with Midi message in Chat preferences
    -Flash message now contains the sender information
    -New improved channel assignment in Groups & Snapshots window
    -Copy data function in Groups & Snapshots window
    -Arrange player order by real name or role name in Player List
    -Compress images -function in Player list
    -Only SCP triggers Alert Rest button to red
    -Alert Reset no more shown in Chat window
    -Improved RSSI scaling for Shure Axient Digital
    -Improved Quality Level scaling for Sennheiser Digital 9000
    -Auto connect option for MacOS Remote

    Instant Replay and Zoom window for Wavetool iOS App:

    Now also iOS device users can enjoy the benefit of seeing RF & Quality levels on five minute timeline while simultaneously playing back and listening to the audio history of five minutes of the channels, that has the Instant Replay enabled in the Master Wavetool computer.

    Changes in Wavetool iOS App:
    -Improved GUI
    -One click return from the settings to main window
    -Show/Hide for RF, Quality and Audio levels in zoom window
    -Mic Check mode enabled / disabled

    The introduction of Wavetool V3 changes the licensing as well. The update from V2 to V3 is free of charge. 7-day evaluation versions are available, as well as license rental schemes.
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