• RCF buys Montarbo

    Reggio Emilia, Italy, 12 December 2019 – RCF Group, one of the fastest growing groups in the professional audio market, has announced that it has completed the acquisition of Montarbo, an historic brand in the sector. From an operational standpoint, the brand’s running and distribution will be overseen by AEB Industriale.

    The incorporation of Montarbo into the group further expands its product range in a market segment that is demonstrating strong growth. The acquisition fits RCF Group’s strategy of selective M&A activity focusing on iconic brands that leveraging the Group’s competitive positioning, together with its technical and commercial expertise, fully exploit the growth potential contributing to the Group’s progress and value creation.

    Arturo Vicari, the CEO of RCF GROUP, gave the following reaction to the news:
    “We’re delighted to welcome Montarbo to our group. It’s an historic brand that has contributed to the evolution of the music and professional audio industry in Italy and around the world.
    For anyone who - like myself - has followed the development of this market over the years, elite brands such as Montarbo have a special significance and therefore represent a wonderful opportunity for us to increase the value of our group. RCF Group is one of the most dynamic organisations in the global professional audio industry, meaning Montarbo will be able to live up to its potential and continue to grow alongside us.”

    About RCF Group

    RCF Group is one of the world’s leading players in the design, production and commercialisation of professional audio and public sound products and systems.

    The Group includes the iconic brands RCF, which has been producing sound systems since 1949, and dB Technologies, which specialises in amplification systems for the professional market. In 2018, the group acquired EAW. This was followed in 2019 by the acquisition of Danish company DPA, a manufacturer of high-end microphones.

    With over 700 employees based at facilities in Reggio Emilia, Bologna, Ascoli Piceno, Whitinsville (USA) and Alleroed (Denmark), RCF Group distributes its products to over 130 countries.
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