• StudioLive ARc hybrid mixers from PreSonus

    PreSonusStudioLive ARc series combines a multi-channel 24-bit, 96 kHz, USB-C compatible, USB 2.0 audio interface with an analog mixer front-end.

    The news series is basically an upgrade from the previous StudioLive AR USB series, the USB connector now being the ubiquitous symmetrical USB-C as used in Mac computers as well as most modern Android phones. There is no new functionality, but there's upgraded electronics that include the company’s XMAX Class A mic preamps as well as a new effects engine with new presets. Additionally, Bluetooth has been upgraded to 5.0, which may result in increased range.

    Three models are available: The StudioLive AR8c offers 4 mic preamps and 6 balanced line inputs for 8x4 recording/playback, while the StudioLive AR12c sports 8 mic preamps and 12 balanced line inputs for 14x4 recording/playback, and the StudioLive AR16c delivers 12 mic preamps and 16 balanced line inputs for 18x4 recording/playback. All models support recording every channel plus the main mix over USB and feature a musical, 3-band analog EQ on every channel; mic/line boost for low-level vintage synths, broadcast microphones, and consumer electronics; and Bluetooth connectivity. The onboard stereo SD recorder provides transport controls for ease of use. An all-new digital effects processor with 16 presets supplies rich reverbs, lush delays, and fat chorusing and includes a dedicated send and return, as well as a bypass footswitch jack (footswitch optional).

    The new mixers come with a software suite for Mac and Windows: Capture recording software and Studio One Artist DAW, augmented with the Studio Magic Plug-in Suite, a collection of plug-ins in VST, AU, and AAX formats.

    All three models are available now at PreSonus dealers at U.S. street prices of: StudioLive AR8c $499.95, StudioLive AR12c $599.95, and StudioLive AR16c $699.95. That's a $100 increase from the previous series. A 22 channel version, which existed in the previous series, has not been announced.