• Waves announces CA1000 and CA2000 Commercial Audio DSP Engines

    Waves Audio, developer of audio signal processing technologies, has announced the first products of its new Waves Commercial Audio line: the CA1000 and CA2000 Commercial Audio DSP Engines. Waves Commercial Audio DSP engines reportedly improve audio playback quality and speech intelligibility in any Dante-based A/V installation. Each product is a single-box software-plus-hardware turnkey solution, featuring over two dozen premium Waves processors, with professionally pre-configured, integrator-ready audio processing presets. Waves CA products are targeted for corporate, commercial, government, educational, entertainment, sports and house-of-worship installations.

    The Waves CA1000 and CA2000 Professional DSP Engine units include 19 curated audio processing presets that address challenges with playback quality such as speech intelligibility, feedback elimination, volume normalization from AV playback sources and background noise. These presets are based on over two-dozen low-latency Waves plugins, which can be further customized and stored by integrators based on their requirements. They are designed to tame and control common problems that can occur at installations with media playback, wireless mics, meeting room/table mics, lectern/pulpit mics and broadcast/streaming.

    Each of the presets can be customized and locked-in by the installer for individual channels, groups or zones, to deliver optimal results based on the IO, PA and room.

    A/V installers and integrators can configure the CA1000 to process up to 16x16 bidirectional audio channels, and the CA2000 can be configured to process up to 64x64 bidirectional audio channels over the Dante network. The CA1000 and CA2000 units are either surface or rack-mountable.

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