• Ravenna enters world of entertainment with Weigl Control

    Ravenna was literally supposed to be the death of the Dante digital audio transport system, as italian poet Dante Alighieri died in the city of Ravenna. Although Ravenna has done well in the broadcast market, for live events its presence is next to nothing and Dante is very much alive and kicking. In retrospective, they probably regret choosing that brand name.

    You should always still to your goals, so ALC NetworX, developer of the Ravenna technology, is pleased to welcome Weigl Control as the latest Ravenna partner.

    Based near Linz, Austria, Weigl GmbH & Co KG is known around the world as Weigl Control, a leader in high performance hardware and software solutions for Show Control. Weigl Control provides interactive and multi-media electronic controllers for theme parks, museums, sauna & spas, retail and more. Created with a focus on embedded playback for animatronics and motion control, Weigl has since expanded their hardware and cross-platform software offerings over the past decade to include large scale lighting, media and logic capabilities to support the production of some of the world’s best themed entertainment examples.

    “I’m happy to be a Ravenna partner,” says Weigl GmbH & Co KG, CEO, Ing. Manfred Weigl. “The ProCommander® X Series, which we developed in celebration of our company’s 10th company anniversary, will use Ravenna for network-based audio distribution. The ProCommander® X Series expands the functionality of the ProCommander® Series with polyphony, advanced networking, extended network lighting playback and digital motor control via industry standard CANOpen and EtherCAT protocols. We chose Ravenna for its state-of-the-art, standards-based technology, its unsurpassed flexibility and the ability to provide our customers with a wide range of AES67-compatible network devices.”

    Andreas Hildebrand, Ravenna Evangelist at ALC NetworX, is pleased to welcome Weigl Control on board: “I am really proud that Weigl Control has chosen Ravenna as their network-based audio distribution technology. Weigl Control has an impressive record of installations in globally renowned theme parks and other entertainment locations where seamless interoperation between motion and media is key. During our initial discussions with Weigl Control it became clear that 100% reliability, interoperability with other AES67 devices and highest flexibility are the decisive factors – a perfect match for Ravenna. Watch out for the first Ravenna-powered roller coaster ride!”

    Weigl Control ProCommander® X Series: http://www.weiglcontrol.com/en/produ...nder-x-series/

    Ravenna: https://www.Ravenna-network.com/
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