• Extron introduces companion amplifier to in-ceiling subwoofer

    Extron has introduced the NetPA U 8001 SUB, an ENERGY STAR qualified subwoofer amplifier that delivers 800 watts in a plenum rated enclosure that mounts directly to our SF 10C SUB in‑ceiling subwoofer. Dante Domain Manager and AES67 support ensure wide compatibility with enterprise configurations and other network audio devices.

    With its integrated DSP for essential processing, the NetPA U 8001 SUB amplifier is a practical companion to the company's SF 10C SUB subwoofer (as shown in in the image on the right). This combination meets the requirements of complex, decentralized systems with a complete space-saving solution.

    “The NetPA U 8001 SUB was designed and optimized to go perfectly with our SF 10C SUB”, says Casey Hall, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Extron. “From their frequency range and output power to their innovative mounting, this pair of products is truly a complete solution.”

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