• Peavey unveils Aureus digital mixer

    Peavey Electronics has launched the Aureus digital mixer from, claimed to be "the most accessible digital mixer to date". With a 10’’ multi-touch display and access to almost any control with just a couple of taps, users can get up and running within minutes by simply touching the feature they want and adjusting, says the company.

    Aureus packages presets for channels, EQ, gate, compressor, scenes, and shows, an also provides the ability to save and store presets, scenes, and even an entire mix onto a USB drive. The onboard dock allows a tablet to be placed as a second screen, so users can monitor the entire mix while adjusting a specific channel or separate group on the mixer.

    The new mixers offers 14 dedicated encoders, 9 motorized faders (100 mm), and 45 dedicated backlit buttons. It can connect to a range of audio source thanks to its 16 XLR-1/4’ combo, RCA, Bluetooth, and USB (A/B) inputs. 48V phantom power is available for microphones on the 16 channels. That is combined with 14 outputs, including 10 XLR, USB, and AES digital.

    The Aureus offers a selection of reverb and delay through Peavey’s built-in FX series digital effects (23 effects total across 2 engines) with simple and advanced modes. The 5-band EQ is fully parametric.

    The mixer also features 8 busses, 2 mains, and 4 DCAs, whether for physical use or remote control via onboard Wi-Fi. Password-assigned busses allow each musician to not only have their own mix, but also to control it using any device that can open an HTML5 compatible browser. Users can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously to adjust any aspect of the mix.

    Further enhancing customization, the Aureus includes 3 programmable mute groups and 6 dedicated mute functions, along with dedicated controls on the solo function. Data I/O includes the onboard Wi-Fi and Ethernet remote, while computer connectivity consists of Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB port. The unit also includes a 1/4” headphone jack.

    The Aureus is rack-mountable and measures 6.5’’ high, by 15’’ wide, and 19.5’’ deep. Weight is just over 7 kilos (16 pounds).

    US retail pricing is $1499.99 USD plus tax.

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