• X MAX multi-purpose speakers from RCF now shipping

    RCF launched MAX series yesterday, a family of full-range passive two-way multi-purpose speakers. X MAX series builds on RCF's MAX series to create a range of products for applications applications suc as bars, party rooms, clubs, and discos. The discrete and compact design makes it suitable for most environment and architectural constraints.

    Each plywood cabinet is covered with a black textured acrylic paint and a powder-coated metal grille with internal foam protection. Included are multiple rigging points to fly the speakers plus a steel bottom for pole use. For compactness, reflex ports are located at the back.

    The rotatable 90°x70° horn allows installation either vertically or horizontally for versatility. Both models feature a 1 "compression driver with mosfet overdrive protection. X MAX 10 boasts a 10” woofer and delivers a maximum SPL of 128 dB SPL with a total program power handling of 700W (350W RMS), while the 12” X MAX 12 reaches a maximum SPL of 129 dB SPL with a total program power handling of 800 W (400W RMS). X MAX 10 will go down to 65 Hz (-10 dB), X MAX 12 extending down to 60 Hz.

    The two models are shipping now.
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