• Yamaha announces Active Field Control upgrade

    Yamaha has announced the upcoming release of a new Active Field Control (AFC) version upgrade, including the related acoustic enhancement (AFC Enhance) and image control (AFC Image) system.

    In 1985 Yamaha released its Active Field Control (AFC) immersive audio system. Refined with improved performance and features in succeeding decades, AFC now offers advanced 96 kHz processing capability. This week, it has been expanded to included AFC Enhance for ambience control and AFC Image for acoustic image control. With AFC Enhance and AFC Image, Yamaha now offers a system that can "create any acoustic environment you can imagine, sonically transporting the audience to new and exciting places", says the company.

    AFC Enhance can be used to create acoustic spaces in which acoustic images are positioned and moved around by AFC Image, using a GUI.

    AFC Enhance controls the reverberation of a space, while making use of the natural acoustic properties of the existing structure. Unlike approaches that add artificial reverb to the source sound to create a different impression, AFC Enhance controls sound propagation within the space, so that reverberation and volume can be altered while the natural sounds of musical instruments and voices are maintained.

    AFC Image allows users to control the perceived positions of acoustic images within a space. There are many features that reportedly make AFC Image unique, such as a speaker zoning function that assigns object sounds to only the desired speakers within the system, and binaural output that lets users experience the immersive sound in headphones. Systems can be created according to customer needs, allowing easy integration of DAWs, mixers, tracking systems, plus other third-party hardware and software.

    As well as the system setup and playback at the venue, there is off-site content creation and custom audio system design. "It is our primary goal to connect every phase of the process with an optimized workflow that makes content delivery smooth and straightforward", states Yamaha.

    The space conversion feature in AFC Image, for example, makes it possible to reproduce 5.1 channel content created using a DAW via a live sound system, easily matching playback to the venue and the audio system’s speaker layout. Working with Nexo's NS-1 simulation software and a range of outboard equipment, this technology can deliver the creator’s content in a wide range of real-world environments.
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