• LD Systems DQOR installation loudspeakers now available

    Launched at ISE 2020, Adam Hall Group announces the availability of the new LD Systems DQOR Series. The 2-way installation loudspeakers are available in 3-inch, 5-inch, and 8-inch versions in black or white and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use in a range of installation environments, including retail, hospitality, corporate, education and sport venues. In addition to a low-impedance version, the DQOR systems are also available as a 70/100 V variant with variable power taps.

    The passive installation loudspeakers of the DQOR Series offer a wide coverage angle (120° horizontal, 80° vertical) and a built-in wall mounting bracket with slide/lock mechanism for use indoors and outdoors with an inclination angle of up to 27° and a horizontal swivel range of 45°, the DQOR. Thanks to concealed integrated connections, the DQOR Series can also be used in environments where a clean look is important. The front grille is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum.

    With the T models DQOR 3T, DQOR 5T, and DQOR 8T, distributed PA systems incorporating several loudspeakers and long cable runs can be accommodated. Equipped with low-saturation transformers for 70 V/100 V systems, the DQOR Series reportedly ensures minimal power losses. Alternatively, the T models can also be operated on conventional low-impedance amplifier outputs. The 16 ohm impedance of the T models allows up to eight DQOR loudspeakers to operate in parallel at 2 ohms.

    The DQOR Series installation loudspeakers are now available.

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