• K-array Launches KGEAR, a new brand of Pro Audio

    Florence based manufacturer of unique audio solutions K-array has launched a new brand, KGEAR, made to meet a wider range of users worldwide with an essential line of pro-audio solutions designed, engineered and primarily made in Italy.

    The scope of KGEAR is reportedly to bring the latest technologies and top-level performance into a sleek design, easy-approach package, with a special attention to budget-sensitive yet demanding applications.

    KGEAR’s product portfolio can be divided into two main areas – High Performance and Installed Sound – and comprises column systems, line-arrays, ceiling and wall mount speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers for applications ranging from large venues and commercial buildings to room-sized, residential environments.

    “In the past two years we took the chance to re-focus ourselves and start dreaming and designing in a different, challenging perspective to draw the very essence of K-array and apply it to create a more accessible product line without sacrificing the quality and performance we have been worldwide known for”, states Alessandro Tatini, Co-Founder, CEO & President of R&D.

    “In an unprecedented time for the professional audio industry, value has become the key aspect to look for in the market. KGEAR is all about giving exactly what a listener – either consciously or unconsciously – needs to enjoy an exciting experience in a specific situation and environment. Our approach is to get straight to the point, focusing on sound, listening pleasure and practicality”, says Lorenzo De Poi (Global Sales & Marketing Manager, KGEAR).
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