• MIPRO releases MI-58 Digital Stereo IEM system

    MIPRO has launched the MI-58 digital stereo IEM system, which functions in the ISM 5.8 GHz spectrum. Reportedly, due to the wider bandwidth property, it offers wide 20 Hz to 23 kHz frequency response, reduced noise, and low audio latency. The MI-58 transmits 24-bit digital audio and has been designed as a cost-effective personal monitor system.

    The MI-58, providing 24-bit digital audio, has an engineer mode and networking interfaces. The MI-58TD transmitter also has a Dante audio networking interface.

    The MI-58 product family consists of the MI-58R stereo bodypack receiver, the MI-58T stereo half-rack transmitter, the MI-58TD stereo half-rack transmitter, and two optional stereo earphones that supply isolation from ambient noise.

    The MI-58R receiver has the stereo/mono/mixed output modes and four EQ settings, and a 3.5 mm TRS jack 16-ohm output for earphones. For extended battery life and elimination of disposable batteries, the MI-58R is compatible with the ICR 18500 lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

    The front panel of the MI-58T transmitter offers a graphic OLED screen with menu-based navigation, a rotary knob, an ACT sync button, an audio input set button. A 3.5 mm and a 6.3 mm earphone monitoring connectors and individual volume controls are both provided for any earphones. The rear panel is equipped with two XLR and 6.3 mm input combo jacks and two 6.3 mm phone jack loop outputs as well as the ACT-BUS networking interface, optional Dante interface, TNC RF output connectors, and 12V DC power supply.

    The MI-58T delivers up to 25 mW output power (the maximum value depends on the regulations of different countries) with an on/off switch, presets for several interference-free channels, and ACT sync to the receiver.
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