• AtlasIED launches version 2.0 of Atmosphere software

    AtlasIED, a manufacturer of comprehensive audio solutions, has just released version 2.0 of software for its Atmosphere digital audio platform. This update enables several performance and installation enhancements, including stereo and subwoofer support, automatic accessory reprogramming, room combining, and bell scheduling. These and other upgrades offer integrators more customization capabilities to meet the requirements of restaurants, bars, hotels, educational and worship facilities, retail establishments and other commercial environments. The new Atmosphere software supports the system's original core technologies, such as remote control and artificial intelligence, and uses the same set of digital audio processors, amplifiers and graphical user interfaces.

    Atmosphere can now create output zones that are either Mono (1 output), Mono + Sub (2 outputs), Stereo (2 outputs), or Stereo + Sub (3 outputs) as well as create input sources as either Mono (1 input) or Stereo (2 inputs). Stereo audio is important in venues where audio and video are a focal point such as a sports bar with a primary video screen, nightclub, a Sportsbook in a casino, or anywhere mixed media content is a primary form of entertainment.

    For hotel ballrooms, bars, outdoor patios, and spaces/zones where live sound is used or that require enhanced low end audio production.

    A feature designed for K-12 schools and manufacturing/warehouse facilities, Atmosphere’s Bell Scheduler offers an intuitive way to create multiple schedules (block scheduling, weekends, half days, admin days, summer school, shift changes, etc…) and the flexibility to accommodate exceptions (2hr delay, early dismissal, etc...)

    A useful feature for hotel banquet rooms, classrooms, meeting rooms, and fitness centers where separate rooms can be combined by removing airwalls or temporary dividers, room combine offers the flexibility to treat multiple zones (rooms) as a single group. For example, if a hotel had 3 ballrooms divided by air walls that were each programmed as their own zone, they could be combined (physically by removing airwalls) when they need more space for larger events. When an air wall between two or more adjacent ballrooms is opened to create a larger ballroom, these rooms (zones) can also be combined as a group within Atmosphere’s UI to share the same source, volume control, etc…

    If an Atmosphere accessory is damaged in anyway, simply plugging in a new unit will have them back up and running quickly without any additional programming. Simply plug the ethernet cable into the new accessory and the Atmosphere AZM processor will automatically reinstall the same programming the damaged accessory had.

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