• Electro-Voice launches PREVIEW software for loudspeaker coverage prediction

    Electro-Voice has formally introduced PREVIEW, a new platform-independent software application designed to configure Electro-Voice line-array loudspeakers for optimized coverage. The software provides efficient system setup by creating visualizations of coverage, SPL, frequency response and mechanical load calculations.

    PREVIEW features a 3D interface with reportedly user-friendly, flexible tools and a streamlined workflow. This helps specifiers, designers and audio engineers quickly calculate the ideal configurations and positioning of line arrays, as well as the angles between loudspeaker elements, amplifier drive and delay requirements, and other system design parameters. The software also recommends mechanically valid combinations of loudspeakers and rigging hardware. These combined features ensure that the arrays deliver the best possible performance in any venue, whether flown or ground stacked.

    PREVIEW provides a three-dimensional environment in which objects may be placed and manipulated. The user has control over rotation, scaling and translation and can also “see through” any surface that is viewed straight on.

    A set of tools helps the user achieve the optimal acoustical representation of a real space. Virtual microphone positioning allows users to predict frequency response anywhere in the venue. The spectrogram display presents a vertical frequency response plot for each loudspeaker at the point at which its main geometric axis reaches the audience area. These plots are shown side by side, to help the designer assess how evenly the venue is covered in both level and frequency. The software also simplifies the creation of subwoofer arrays.

    The application also includes a detailed report generation function and a project file database, providing users with detailed acoustical and mechanical information. This database allows specifiers, designers and audio engineers to import existing designs and to store new project files, drawings and templates.

    The first full public-release version of PREVIEW will support most Electro-Voice touring and install line-array models, including X1(i), X2(i), XLC, XLD and XLE, as well as complementary subwoofers. More models will be added in future versions.

    Windows and Mac OS versions of the software are available as free downloads here: https://products.electrovoice.com/emea/en/preview/
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