• New single magnet coaxial speakers from lavoce

    Lavoce Italiana are introducing the first products from their new Common Magnet Coaxials category, starting with a ferrite magnet 8”, and neodymium magnet 12” and 13.5” models, available with or without aluminium 60°x40° horn.

    Lavoce engineers have developed CSF082.00K (8”), CAN123.00T (12”), CAN123.00TH (12” with horn, pictured left), CAN143.00T (13.5”) and CAN143.00TH (13.5” with horn) to embrace the benefits and compactness of common magnet motors, using HF componentry from Lavoce’s compression driver line.

    All models have been designed to offer instant point source solutions (or as OEM versions with a customized horn) and feature common magnet ‘optimized flux’ motors which reportedly bring the LF and HF voice coils in closer unification than traditional coaxial designs, better combining their acoustic centres for improved coherency, dispersion, and alignment optimisation, all in a lighter weight package.

    CSF082.00K is a ferrite 8” coaxial with 200W AES power handling, 96dB sensitivity, 2” Edgewound CCA (copper-clad aluminium) voice coil for the LF, and 1.4” CCA voice coil for the HF and its one-piece polyimide diaphragm and surround, together with double demodulating rings for low distortion. With a frequency range of 75-20000Hz and a 100° nominal coverage, it is targeted at compact point source and demanding ceiling speaker applications.

    CAN123.00T and CAN143.00T are high specification 12” and 13.5” neodymium coaxials, both with 350W AES power handling, 3” Copper voice coils for the LF, and 3” Edgewound CCA voice coil for the HF and their composite titanium/polyimide diaphragm, together with double demodulating rings for reduced distortion. Both models have a specified frequency range of 45-20000Hz with an 80° nominal coverage. Lavoce recommends then for compact point source systems or stage wedge monitors.

    CAN123.00TH and CAN143.00TH have the addition of an aluminium horn which is claimed to deliver a linear bandwidth dispersion with true 60°x40° directivity, whilst not protruding above the front of the speaker, making them a choice for more directivity specific point source or stage wedge applications.

    Pierpaolo De Minicis, Pro Audio Division Manager, noted, ‘The addition of high-performance Common Magnet Coaxials to our new 2021 Pro Audio catalogue is a significant milestone in our product development, combining the premium design qualities and experience of our successful range of LF woofers and Next Generation HF compression drivers. Our Italian R&D team in Potenza Picena are already renowned for producing innovative and outstanding products, and these Common Magnet Coaxials are just the start of more exciting things to come.’

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