• Celestion debuts CDX1-1412 compact HF compression driver

    Celestion, suppliers of professional loudspeakers and compression drivers for sound reinforcement applications is pleased to introduce the new CDX1-1412 1” exit, neodymium magnet high frequency compression driver. The unit’s compact size makes appropriate for small two-way cabinet designs and other portable applications, reportedly at a very attractive price point.

    The CDX1-1412 is the latest of Celestion’s high frequency compression drivers, and features 35W (AES standard), 70W (Continuous) power rating, and 107dB sensitivity across the 1500 to 20kHz frequency band, with a recommended crossover frequency of 2,000Hz. The edgewound copper clad aluminium voice coil is 34mm/1.4-inch in diameter .

    The unit features a single piece Polymide film diaphragm and surround, and is fabricated using a rigid engineering thermoplastic with a standard 2xM5 bolt fitting. Acoustic foam is utilised to minimise internal air cavity resonances, dampening unwanted reflections from the inside of the cover.

    “With a diameter of only 60mm, the CDX1-1412 is extremely compact for a one inch exit compression driver, enabling the device to be fitted into small cabinets where space is critical, or to be used with multiple driver horns,” explains Celestion Product Marketing Manager Ken Weller. “It has highly optimised neodymium magnet assembly and a single piece polyimide diaphragm which means the driver rates at an impressively high 35-watt power handling, measured to AES standard. This makes the device a serious contender for a range of fixed install and compact array applications.”

    Additional specifications:
    - Nominal impedance: available in 8Ω & 16Ω
    - Width: 60mm/2.4in
    - Depth: 34.5mm/1.4in
    - Weight: 0.36kg/0.8lb
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