• Proel launches WX series stage monitors

    Italian manufacturer Proel has introduced the WX series of compact self-powered stage monitors. According to the brand they have "perfect sound intelligibility, uniform directivity, high SPL and an ultra-compact form factor, and can offer a professional yet affordable monitoring solution that fits any size stage."

    There are two, coaxial, models, the WX8A, 8", and the WX10A, 10". Both use 250 W Class D power supply switchable power amplification with equalization presets (MONITOR and FOH).

    On the acoustic side, their coverage angle is 60°, while the maximum SPL at 1m (peak) is 122 dB for the smaller model and 123 dB for the larger one.

    The enclosure is made of MDF with polyurethane finish, with contained weight: 8 kg for the 8" model, and 10 kg for the 10" model. Both models feature a carrying handle and a pole cup.

    Other shared features:
    - System type: 2-way reflex coaxial
    - Controls: LEVEL, PRESET selector (MONITOR, FOH), ground
    - Connectors: COMBO (XLR-F/JACK) input, XLR-M thru
    - Power supply 230 VAC or 115 VAC
    - 8" bass speakers with 2" voice coil
    - 1" HF compression driver with 1" voice coil

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