• Sound Devices launches A20-Mini digital wireless microphone transmitter

    Sound Devices has announced the A20-Mini digital wireless microphone transmitter and its companion app, A20-Remote. The A20-Mini is Sound Devices’ first miniature transmitter and incorporates features such as remote control via the A20-Remote app, GainForward Architecture, internal 32-bit float recording and a "worldwide" tuning range of 470 MHz – 694 MHz. The A20-Mini is compatible with Sound Devices’ existing A10 Digital Wireless System.

    A20-Remote is the A20-Mini’s companion app and is available on iOS/iPadOS, and Android phones and tablets with Bluetooth 5.2. The interface allows users to control RF transmit frequency and power, turn the Mini on and off, start and stop recording, mute the microphone and format the media. The A20-Mini’s internal 2.4 GHz antenna reportedly ensures "excellent" Bluetooth range. The A20-Remote app offers adjustment of transmitter settings after the unit has been placed on talent.

    GainForward allows to set gain, limiters, and low-cut directly on the channel of their 8-Series mixer-recorder. Users with other mixer-recorders will also be able to adjust gain, limiters and low-cut locally via menus on the A10-RX. GainForward thus control of gain without needing access to the transmitter.

    The A20-Mini’s 64 GB internal storage allows for over 80 hours of recording in 48 kHz / 32-bit. Recorded WAV files are transferred to a computer via the A20-Mini’s USB-C port and optionally converted to standard 24-bit files using SD-Utility, the free companion app for Mac and Windows. Recordings and RF transmission both have 10 Hz–20 kHz audio bandwidth, and the recordings are synchronized by the internal timecode generator.

    All of the A20-Mini’s circuitry is housed in a rugged and water-resistant chassis with rounded corners. The A20-Mini is powered by three AAA batteries or a rechargeable Sony NP-BX1 battery. Built-in charging for the NP-BX1 is available via the USB-C port. The optional PowerStation-8M accessory provides easy battery charging, file transfer, and timecode jamming of up to eight A20-Minis at a time.

    The A20-Mini joins a growing family of Sound Devices wireless products. The A10 Digital Wireless System, comprising the A10-TX, A10-RX, and A10-RACK, was released in 2018 after the company acquired British wireless audio manufacturer Audio Limited.
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