• JBL introduces the PRX ONE all-in-one portable PA System

    Harman Professional unveiled its latest addition to the JBL Professional PRX Column Portable PA family, the PRX ONE all-in-one portable PA. JBL also introduced the all new, universal JBL Pro Connect app for simplified management of the PRX ONE system.

    PRX ONE is targeted at portable as well as installed applications,. Weighing 56 pounds (26 kg), the system nominally delivers 130 dB from a 12-tweeter [more like 2.5-inch cone speakers, really] column array, featuring JBL A.I.M. (Array Inumbration Mechanics) acoustic design, a 12-inch bass-reflex woofer and a built-in 2000W (peak) Class D amplifier.

    PRX ONE includes a suite of Lexicon and dbx processors with eight customizable presets. Effects include reverb, 8-band EQ, delay, compression, limiting, ducking, echo, sub synth and dbx DriveRack Inside technology, featuring AFS Pro Automatic Feedback Suppression; Triple Tier DSP control offers multi-level user experiences based on knowledge level.

    Creatives will work with PRX ONE’s 7-channel, dual-mode digital mixer that can be set to control either general mix functions or channel-strip functions, all manageable via a color LCD or the new JBL Pro Connect universal app.

    The LCD screen provides access to all functions, and a convenient Setup Saver saves snapshots for easy recall. 'Simple Success' dynamic LED metering provides a way to verify levels and channel functions such as mute and clipping.

    “Whether you’re a singer/songwriter, DJ, corporate presenter or educator, sounding great is critical,” says Brandon Knudsen, JBL Product Manager, Loudspeaker Professional Solutions. “So, when we set out to design a new compact column PA, acoustic performance was top of our list. But at the same time, we know that every scenario is unique. We’ve outfitted the PRX ONE with an incredibly versatile feature set that we believe will appeal to a broad range of performers: Singer/songwriters will appreciate its robust DSP and I/O set, while DJs will love the ability to push the system hard, with that deep bass they crave. And, presenters and educators will appreciate the system’s slim, discreet profile and presets that will have them sounding their best instantly. Everyone will be thrilled to leave the outboard gear behind and lighten their load-in, no matter where they play.”

    Twelve custom-engineered tweeters work in combination with JBL’s A.I.M. geometrically optimized array-shading design to provide controlled, consistent front-to-back coverage and even response, says the company.

    High-frequency transducers feature copper-capped pole pieces to reduce inductance and exhibit less power compression, reportedly offering more natural performance without the need for heavy DSP. HF units work down to 500 Hz, while the woofer delivers performance down to 35 Hz without the need for DSP.

    Available for Android and iOS phones and tablets, the new JBL Pro Connect app enables hands-on control over a suite of PRX ONE mixer, DSP, and Bluetooth features. The interface makes it easy to adjust volume levels and EQ, activating Lexicon reverb and effects and more.

    Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity allows remote control of up to 10 units using the JBL Pro Connect app, and an XLR Thru output offers analog expansion with the ability to time-align multiple speakers, with up to 100 ms (~35m or 115 ft) of delay per speaker. An optional bracket and adapter allow the array to be wall or truss-mounted independently of subwoofer for permanent installations. Transport is eased with PRX ONE’s ComfortGrip handle and nylon carry bag.

    Microphones, instruments, mobile devices and wireless rigs can be connected using I/O set, which features four Neutrik XLR Combo jacks, two channels of dedicated phantom power, dedicated Hi-Z input and two USB 2.0 ports, which can be used to power external devices and AKG wireless systems.

    The system is housed in a rugged shell for the most demanding gigs yet discreet enough to complement any presentation scenario.

    PRX ONE targets DJs, musicians, entertainment venues, corporate presenters, rental companies and houses of worship. "It’s the perfect solution for anyone who demands best-in-class power, acoustic performance, creative control and connectivity in a stylish, full-featured column PA that’s perfect for both installed and portable applications", states JBL.
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