• Shure announces global availability of Stem Ecosystem

    A 2019 survey Shure conducted with Illuminas found that two-thirds of business professionals believe their employers lack the right conferencing technology. One-third of enterprise meetings have technical issues and users often face challenges when working with conferencing technology.

    “With Stem Ecosystem solutions, you can build the perfect customized audio experience,” said Jacob Marash, Managing Director of Stem Audio. “We are excited to finally offer Stem Audio products to customers across the globe and provide a complete portfolio for all types of environments, whether it requires a fully integrated system or a solution you can install yourself.”

    Stem Ecosystem solutions include wall and table speakerphones, along with a ceiling microphone that blends into any room and syncs with networked loudspeakers, as well as dedicated control systems for a complete audio package:

    Stem Wall: Equipped with 15 microphones that perform beamforming, plus full-range speakers and subwoofers, Stem Wall product "ensures everybody has a voice", says the company.

    Stem Table: Optimized for tabletops and flat surfaces, the Stem Table product is equipped with nine microphones that perform beamforming and a downward-facing speaker.

    Stem Ceiling: A 100 microphone ceiling array comes with two mounting options (low profile or chandelier mode) and three-beam options.

    Stem Speaker: Built to give users the freedom to expand sound to anywhere in the room, the Stem Speaker product is an external speaker with three mounting options.

    Stem Hub: When more than one Stem Ecosystem device is used in a room, the Stem Hub product enables multiple units to communicate with each other in the room. With USB Type B, Ethernet, Dante®, VoIP connectivity, and pluggable terminal blocks for external speakers.

    Stem Control: A dedicated touch controller that connects to the network with a single Ethernet connection. The Stem Control product allows access to the Stem Ecosystem platform and remote management of an organization. Alternatively, it can be used as an in-meeting controller with video conferencing platforms.

    All Stem Ecosystem devices are networked PoE+ powered products. They are reportedely easy to install for IT professionals and systems integrators looking for the ideal scalable audio solution specifically in standard meeting rooms or educational spaces that do not have any special requirements.

    “The Stem Ecosystem is a powerful solution for organizations of any size seeking a straight-forward and customizable experience that can help users save money through its no-programming approach,” shared Rob Smith, Senior Director of System Sales, Shure. “Now, Shure can offer a more diverse array of solutions for a wider variety of customers.”
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