• Yamaha announces DHR and CHR Series loudspeakers

    Yamaha has announced new additions to its lineup of professional audio speakers, the powered DHR series and passive CHR series, each with three models targeted at event spaces, clubs, ballrooms, houses of worship and more.

    Positioned between the flagship DZR / CZR series and the popular, affordable DBR / CBR series, all DHR and CHR units feature plywood cabinets and a polyurea coating, "delivering a combination of high quality sound, durability and road worthiness not found in other loudspeakers of this class", says the company.

    The DHR15 and CHR15 two-way, 15-inch units are designed for front of house applications, including dual angle pole mount sockets, M10 rigging options and full range performance.

    The DHR12M and CHR12M are Yamaha’s first dedicated coaxial 12" floor monitors, delivering sound in a low profile form factor. A side pole-mount adds flexible use as an outfill or a portable main PA unit.

    The two-way DHR10 and CHR10 are 10-inch units designed for use as fills or delays, with the most flexible configuration and mounting options. These ‘utility’ speakers also feature a rotatable 90º x 60º horn.

    All DHR models feature Class-D amplification, ‘in the box’ DSP, easily switched line/mic inputs and an onboard two channel mixer, while CHR models include dual NL4 connectors and DSP via tailored amplifier presets available in Yamaha’s PX and PC-D series amplifiers.

    Available from October 2021, the DHR and CHR series are priced as follows: CHR10 €369, CHR12M €419, CHR15 €479, DHR10 €499, DHR12M €599 and DHR15 €679.

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