• Lynx Pro Audio launches XT Series power amplifiers

    XT series is a new generation of amplifiers from Lynx Pro Audio for both touring and install applications that offers a high voltage output combined with a 96 KHz and double-precision 64-bit DSP.

    Based on a 3-step Class H topology with switching mode power supply, these amplifiers include two four-channel models.

    The XT-6K nominally provides up to 6000W while the XT-10K delivers up to 10000W. Both models are designed to operate at 8, 6 and 4 ohms, as well as in bridge and high impedance modes. Both are 2U high and weigh 8.5 kg (18.7 pounds).

    DSP supplies FIR filtering functionality. The XT amplifiers have a user interface with a 4.3″ IPS touch panel, from which the user can control and manage each parameter of the amplifier and choose among the system presets, users, EQ and created snapshots.

    The XT series has two Ethernet ports for daisy-chain connection and access to the OCS software, designed to monitor the amplifiers in real time.
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