• JBL Professional Introduces the EON ONE MK2 Column PA

    JBL Professional has recently introduced the EON ONE MK2 battery-powered column PA, featuring a 5-channel digital mixer, Lexicon and dbx digital processing, Bluetooth 5.0 functions and full app control into a lightweight, rechargeable battery system that weighs 19.5 kg (42.5 pounds).

    “We designed the EON ONE MK2 to meet the needs of a huge range of users,” says Brandon Knudsen, Loudspeaker Product Manager, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “It’s ideal for anyone from buskers seeking pro-grade sound without AC power, to educators and hospitality providers who want fast setup and ease of use, to houses of worship and rental companies who need portable solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. You get all of this fidelity and functionality in a system that won’t break the bank—or your back.”

    The system uses a C-shaped array of eight 2" tweeters in combination with a 10-inch woofer that works down to 37 Hz (1-0 deB). Driving EON ONE MK2’s acoustics is a 1500W (peak) amplifier with 'Variable Power Performance' technology that reportedly optimizes performance for either AC or battery power, providing 4 dB of extra headroom when connected to AC power. A full-color LCD display lets users choose beginner, intermediate or advanced control. The system features Lexicon effects like reverb, chorus and delay, in addition to a suite of dbx DriveRack technology, including AFS (feedback reduction), parametric EQs, limiters, delays and SubSynth. User-configurable presets and onboard hardware EQ with three fixed knobs are provided.

    Additionally, the 'Easy Ducking feature' lowers background music volume when speech is detected. Performers can play extended sets, thanks to an easily swappable six-hour (nominal) battery in the column.

    The 5-channel digital mixer I/Os include three Neutrik XLR combo jacks, one Hi-Z input and a ¼-inch balanced passthrough with independent volume control and speaker delay. Two channels of 48V phantom power are also included for support of condenser microphones.

    Priced at $1,199.00 plus tax in the US, the system can be controlled by the new JBL Pro Connect app, which provides remote access via Bluetooth 5.0 to every function and preset from a phone or tablet for up to 10 units.

    The EON ONE MK2 is designed to be carried with one hand, with an ergonomic handle. The system is encased in a polypropylene shell.

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