• Alcons Audio introduces QRP20 Pro-Ribbon point source column

    Dutch manufacturer Alcons Audio has launched the QRP20, a 2-way column array system with high-Q directivity for increased projection control to be used as vertical sound system, for both permanent and portable applications. Its slim design packs a perfectly natural, dynamic sound reproduction with superb intelligibility and throw, says the company.

    It is specifically designed for applications where response needs to be projected with wide horizontal and narrow vertical coverage.

    Loaded with the RBN401 4” ribbon (“compression-less”) driver on a “Morpher” lens. “The essence of the Q-series is the isophasic wavefront of our pro-ribbon mid/high frequency transducer technology, delivering the razor-sharp, side-lobe free projection control in the vertical plane and throw, the Q-series is known for.” Philip “Dr. Phil” de Haan, head of Alcons Audio R&D

    Its transient response and peak power handling (800W @ 200ms) reportedly cater for a perfect intelligibility from the lowest to the highest SPL with a 1:15 RMS-to-peak dynamic range, while offering maximum gain-before-feedback.

    The RBN401 is mounted in a D’Appolito speaker configuration with the 4 5” woofers in a sealed cabinet. The custom-design 5” woofers feature what Alcons refers to as Active Coil™ technology for reportedly low-distortion LF reproduction.

    The QRP’s are powered and controlled by the ALC amplified loudspeaker controller; Through the integrated VHIR™ processing, the ALC offers QRP20-specific drive processing.

    The QRP20 is available in two versions with 90-degree (QRP20/90) and 120-degree (QRP20/120) horizontal dispersion and comes with Alcons Audio’s 6 year warranty.
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