• iSEMcon launches Li.LAC microphone disinfector

    iSEMcon has announced the Li.LAC microphone disinfector that makes use of ultraviolet light (UV-C) to reportedly kill more than 99 percent of viruses and bacteria on microphone surfaces, metal grilles and windscreens.**

    Li.LAC resembles a futuristic sandwich grill in a roadready 19” 3U rackmount format. The stainless-steel grille where the microphones are placed can accommodate up to three handheld mics or handheld transmitters. It is also possible to disinfect other items like headsets, lavalier microphones etc.

    A disinfection cycle takes 5 to 10 minutes. Additional 2 minutes pre-heat time might apply for cold UV-C lamps.

    Lewe Redlin, the monitor engineer for Sarah Brightman and a Li.LAC early adopter, states, “Even before the pandemic, I’ve always tried to keep our microphones as clean as possible because the artist puts that microphone right to their mouth. So even before Covid I would have used Li.LAC immediately. But now it’s more important than ever.”

    As per long-term side effects, iSEMcon have run tests with various microphones inside Li.LAC to evaluate the long-time impact of UV-C light and claim that the the aging effect implied by UV-C disinfection inside Li.LAC is negligible compared to the normal aging that happens to the microphones (by mechanical impacts, dirt, humidity etc.).

    The Li.LAC microphone disinfector is made in Germany and is available from iSEMcon distributor in the USA, Europe and Australia, and can also can be purchased online at $1499 (excluding taxes or shipping).

    **TThe 99.99%* disinfection level of Li.LAC has been approved by the independent, accredited laborato ry Opsytec Dr. Gröbel GmbH. The exact surface disinfection level varies with the type of virus or bacteria and with the shape and the surface of the microphone or object to be disinfected.
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