• Aviom releases new flagship A640 personal mixer

    Aviom, manufacturer of personal monitoring solutions for over twenty years has recently announced a brand-new addition to its product lineup, the A640 Personal Mixer.

    As the next-generation flagship model of Aviom’s personal mixer product line, the A640 reportedly brings new levels of user control and customization, a streamlined interface, and new features that provide flexible options to performers both on stage and in the recording studio. It is powered by Aviom’s low latency A-Net® digital audio transport protocol, purpose-built for personal monitoring applications.

    The A640 Personal Mixer fits into audio environments using Dante-based audio networks, analog consoles, and digital mixers. It is also compatible with all Aviom personal mixing products, allowing easy updates and expansions to existing systems.

    One of the new additions to the simplified user interface is the color display. “Our goal is to make it easy for the performer to get a fantastic mix, without turning them into a mix engineer” says Ray Legnini, Aviom’s Product Research and Development Manager. “A well-designed personal monitor mixer makes it easier for someone who is playing an instrument, singing, and interacting with other performers, to do their job without distractions” he adds.

    Aviom has added requested features to the new A640 Personal Mixer. The new Channel Mapping feature lets users easily create a custom channel layout for each A640 using any of the 64 network input sources. An Aux Mix allows any combination of channels from the main stereo mix to be sent to the secondary mono output, for easier integration of a supplemental tactile transducer system, subwoofer or powered wedge.

    The A640 Personal Mixer’s new Intercom feature allows users to communicate with each other over the Aviom network whenever the A640 is used with Aviom’s D800 A-Net Distributor products. With a single button press, a musical director can give instructions or provide feedback to performers using the A640’s built-in mic or an external mic connected to the Aviom network; and other legacy Aviom mixers can listen to the intercom channel as well.

    “We’re always trying to enhance the performer’s experience while wearing in-ear monitors or headphones,” says Carl Bader, Aviom’s co-Founder and CEO. “The A640’s user interface directly addresses that goal. And the mixer sounds wonderful, its DSP filter voicings are optimized for modern monitor environments and designed to engage and excite users.”

    The A640 Personal Mixer has an MSRP of $949.00 and a US MAP of $849.00 and will be available through Aviom’s worldwide distribution network starting January 2022.
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