• Exhibitors look ahead to ISE Sound Xperience

    Leading audio brands will participate in ISE’s new immersive audio showcase, ISE Sound Xperience, which will make its debut in Barcelona in February.

    In recognition of the growing importance of Next Generation Audio and experience-driven sound across pro AV, ISE has partnered with the Eventos Filmax Cinema Gran Via complex to deliver the Sound Xperience concept. Located a few hundred metres away from Hall 5 at Fira de Barcelona, the cinema will host 12 uniquely configured audio spaces allowing companies to present a realistic representation of their latest technologies.

    Among the participating companies is UK-based professional loudspeaker system manufacturer Martin Audio. Director of Marketing James King confirms that involvement with Sound Xperience: “For the last five years we have always tried to team an exhibition stand with a demo room, and it was critical to ISE’s ongoing success that this was possible for Barcelona. We have introduced stellar new product in the last year, like our constant curvature array TORUS, so we are looking forward to getting the product in front of more people.”

    King adds that the size and self-contained nature of the room will also allow Martin Audio to “showcase larger product than we have been able to do traditionally at ISE, and being a cinema provides a relatively straightforward set-up. The promise of popcorn is also a bonus!”

    Based in France, leading sound reinforcement company L-Acoustics will also be among the featured brands at Sound Xperience. Jacob Barfoed, director of sales EMEA, comments: “We’re pleased that ISE worked with the audio manufacturers to identify a space for demonstrations, which are so crucial to a successful trade show experience. Considering the nature of the venue, Barfoed adds that “it’s a novel space for sound demos at a trade show! But L-Acoustics certainly knows how to create excellent sound in any kind of space, so this is just an invitation to creativity for our teams.”

    Also taking part in ISE Sound Xperience will be Canada-based Adamson Systems Engineering, whose loudspeakers have been a global mainstay of music venues and live tours for more than three decades.
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