• DAS Audio presents an array of products at Prolight+Sound

    DAS Audio presents a range of new solutions at Prolight & Sound 2022 (Hall 11.0, Booth B09). During the trade show, taking place in Frankfurt from April 26 to 29, the brand will showcase for the first time its latest R & D developments.

    The company will present LARA®, a self-powered cardioid line array system designed for use in large live events, which marks a milestone in the integration of technologies, such as amplification, transducers and management system, resulting in an efficient, powerful and sophisticated audio solution for live applications, says the company.

    LARA® is a 4-way, self-powered, cardioid line array system with a symmetric design and 6000W RMS power rating. It offers 146 dB linear max SPL witj -15 dB rear attenuation in the range of 63 Hz - 200 Hz.

    LARA® incorporates two 12" bass speakers with 4" voice coils, two 8" transducers in cardioid configuration and two 8" transducers for midrange with 2.5" voice coils. The high frequency section consists of two DAS M-78N compression drivers with 3" voice coils and a waveguide with horizontal dispersion of 100º. All components are said to have been custom-designed and manufactured to maximize system efficiency.

    During Prolight&Sound 2022, DAS Audio will also introduce Integral Series, a family of electronic equipment designed to provide complete audio solutions for commercial and professional installations with a variety of features and power ratings.

    Integral Series includes a wide range of installation devices, audio sources, amplifiers, matrices, such as the Integral M-88, and matrix amplifiers, such as the MA series.

    Control, configuration and management of the devices is done using the ALMA software via IP or from a mobile device via Open Sound Control (OSC), which allows the creation and management of multi-zone configurations, centralize control and monitor system performance in real time, as well as fast and intuitive equalization control. It also integrates an Ethernet Switch for daisy-chain connections, it does not require an external switch, and features analog, AES67 and DANTE connectivity.

    Among its multiple functionalities, Integral Series allows users to share music in a commercial installation from a mobile device or from a computer or give an emergency voice notification in a specific zone or in all zones at the same time, providing up to two levels of priority per channel.

    Among the launches presented by DAS Audio at Prolight&Sound 2022 will be ALMA, a software for the control and monitoring of DAS Audio systems with a user interface that allows managing systems, reducing system configuration times.

    ALMA has been reportedly designed focusing on streamlining processes and providing intuitive access to tools. Intelligent programming helps manage and optimize the systems quickly and easily, making setup times considerably shorter for major applications, such as concerts, installations or corporate events, says DAS.

    It includes a number of features like online and offline project creation, Link Manager and Master Control, integration of the DASaim optimization tool, fast and intuitive EQ Control, "Config Mode" and "Show Mode", notification center and Night Mode / Day Mode view.

    EVENT-26A demo
    During the show, DAS Audio will run 5 demos per day to showcase the EVENT-26A, the compact and symmetrical, 2-way powered line array system, designed for small to medium-sized live events.

    Prolight&Sound 2022 will also present DAS Audio's new German subsidiary, DAS Audio GmbH. During the first year of activity, DAS Audio Germany has conducted product demonstrations at its facilities aimed at raising awareness of DAS Audio´s sound systems.
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