• 'SuperGlue' - Solid State Logic Announces THE BUS+

    Solid State Logic (SSL) announces THE BUS+, reportedly the ultimate and most versatile incarnation of its Bus Compressor ever.

    THE BUS+ is a new 2U rack unit that builds on the original bedrock design of the Bus Compressor, which first appeared on SSL's 4000 B console in 1976. Remaining faithful to the original circuit design, THE BUS+ features 2181 THAT VCA's in its audio path and offers the classic time constants and compression ratios. Several new processing tools and sonic colouration options feature on THE BUS+ including, four modes of operation: Classic Stereo, Σ S/C Stereo, Dual Mono and Mid-Side, and three distinct compression colours: LOW THD, F/B and 4K MODE. New time constant settings, including ‘Auto 2’ and compression ratios are also added to the THE BUS+ to create ‘the compressor package’.

    Andy Jackson, Product Manager Studios comments: "From the outset of this project, our goal was to make the best incarnation of the Bus Compressor ever and we are happy that we have achieved this. Using our original Bus Compressor design as the foundation, we've extended its sonic palette to make THE BUS+ an eminently versatile cornerstone piece of equipment for the modern studio and one that is ready for any genre of music. He continues: "We’ve enhanced the Bus Compressor in almost every aspect. New Attack/Release settings,, 3 compression colours which can be used individually or combined and an extremely powerful analogue Dynamic EQ section - these take THE BUS+ right to the forefront of what dynamic processors are capable of.”

    In addition to its compression, THE BUS+ features an all-new 2-band parallel Dynamic Equaliser (the D-EQ), with compression/expansion modes and adjustable frequency selection.

    THE BUS+ key features:

    - 4 modes of operation - Classic Stereo, Σ S/C Stereo, Dual Mono or Mid-Side.
    - The authentic SSL Bus Compressor circuit, including 2181 THAT VCAs for superior analogue performance.
    - 100% analogue circuit, controlled digitally using stepped front-panel pots
    - Three distinct compression colours: LOW THD Mode, F/B Mode, 4K Mode.
    - Negative Ratios - for creative pumping effects and control of particularly loud signals.
    - New Attack and Release options, including the new 'Auto 2' setting.
    - MIX control for instant parallel compression.
    - External side-chain inputs and sends.
    - 2-band analogue Dynamic EQ (D-EQ).
    - Unlockable Transient Expander.

    THE BUS+ is available now through SSL's network of authorised dealers and priced at £1699 ex.VAT / $2899 / €2099 ex.tax
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