• Fulcrum Acoustic launches AHC2 high output coaxials

    Fulcrum Acoustic has released the AHC2 High Output Coaxial Horn, an updated variation on its AH model. AHC2 products will retain the compact enclosures and associated features of the original AH while incorporating upgraded drivers able to provide higher output.

    AHC2 products are available in multiple horn patterns and have two high-power 10” woofers and one coaxial mid/high compression driver. They utilize Fulcrum Acoustic’s Compression Head horn architecture and Oculus Phase Plugs with the aim of extending the length of the low-frequency horn while minimizing cabinet depth. The AHC2 models provide broadband pattern control to below 400 Hz and low-frequency extension to below 80 Hz.

    Fulcrum Acoustic’s proprietary Temporal Equalization is used, with the intention of providing clarity and precise transient response at high SPLs. The compact enclosures of the AHC2 allow for integration into a variety of venues and support structures.

    AHC2 models include the AHC295 (90° x 45°), AHC296 (90° x 60°), AHC265 (60° x 45°), and AHC266 (60° x 60°).

    “Advances in woofer and compression driver technology allowed us to create the new AHS series of digitally configurable loudspeaker modules,” says Rich Frembes, product manager at Fulcrum Acoustic. “It was logical for us to update the AH with these new drivers to provide increased output and fidelity.”
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