• Blaze Audio announces new amplifier range for commercial installs

    Blaze Audio (a brand of commercial power amplifiers from Pascal Audio, the amp module maker) has announced PowerZone Connect series of commercial amplifiers, reportedly "designed to make life easier for AV installers and Systems Integrators". Once the amps are installed - connect to the built in Wi-Fi, open the browser-based Control app - then set up any system, configuring your settings and the EQ for different sound zones.

    PowerZone Connect is a compact, ½ rack amp, currently available in 2 channel and 4 channel versions, with between 60W to 250W per channel. All channels can drive both low impedance (4Ω to 16Ω) and constant voltage (70V/100V) loudspeaker loads.

    Further flexibility comes from power sharing technology, which delivers available power across the output channels. Power output is as follows:

    - PowerZone Connect 122 (Lo-Z = 2x60W / Hi-Z = 1x125W)
    - PowerZone Connect 252 (Lo-Z = 2x125W / Hi-Z = 1x250W)
    - PowerZone Connect 254 (Lo-Z = 4x60W / Hi-Z = 2x125W)
    - PowerZone Connect 504 (Lo-Z = 4x125W - Hi-Z = 2x250W)

    With four analogue inputs, and one stereo digital input, you can route any input source to any output channel.

    Once connected to the amp, the PowerZone Control app allows you to create the multi-zone sound systems. System integrators and Installers can manage even the most complex install projects with this dedicated app, says Blaze. Simply connect through any browser to the amplifier’s built-in Wi-Fi, or directly via the network port. Then configure everything from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

    PowerZone Control's main dashboard shows the overview of your system, where volume levels are adjusted for each speaker zone created. Further navigation gets the user to access advanced configuration and tuning settings, with options including delay settings and speaker EQ.

    When new features and system configuration options are added these will be available in the web app, or with firmware updates that are reportedly straightforward to access & install.

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