• Shure introduces MXA920 ceiling microphone array

    Since 2016, Shure has produced networked array microphones, with model MXA910 being a popular choice in corporate, education, and government meeting spaces. Now, Shure has introduced the MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone. With Automatic Coverage™ technology, MXA920 provides pre-configured audio capture with reportedly minimal set up required. The MXA920 is also stated to employ Next Generation Array Architecture for enhanced directional pick-up and more natural speech. Plus, the onboard IntelliMix® DSP delivers noise and echo-free performance as well as unprecedented audio clarity and intelligibility for AV conferencing across room types—executive boardrooms, higher education hybrid classrooms, corporate and government meeting spaces, says Shure. Two form factors (Square and Round) ease design integration.

    “Our experience with the MXA920 has been overwhelmingly positive,” shared Mark Lorenson, Technology Leader in Commercial AV Sales at Intereum. “Testing the MXA920 in our facilities, it is evident that the Next Generation Array Architecture greatly enhances the directional capabilities of the microphone, eliminating distracting background noise. We’ve been greatly impressed with the sound quality and seamless coverage the MXA920 delivers in one of our primary show rooms. On top of that, there’s no setup required – install it in the ceiling and it works.”

    Features of the MXA920 include:

    • Automatic Coverage Technology—the MXA920 provides pre-configured audio capture. Out of the box, it automatically covers up to a 30x30 foot (9x9 meter) area. Coverage can also be further customized to suit different room layouts or seating arrangements, to capture only the meeting participants you want – while avoiding the areas you want to exclude.
    • Next Generation Array Architecture—the MXA920 reportedly offers "more directional pick-up across the frequency spectrum to maintain accurate coverage of specific areas while enhancing voice quality for more natural sound – and focusing less on other sounds in the room". The completely new DSP algorithms are said to enable more natural speech for participants to be heard clearly and precisely.
    • Greater Application Flexibility—the MXA920 sends the location of every speaker to your camera control system for camera tracking. Steerable Coverage technology with individual audio outputs is stated to enable higher gain before feedback in Voice Lift and Sound Reinforcement applications.

    The MXA920 is Certified for Microsoft Teams when used with the IntelliMix P300 DSP and Microflex MXN5C networked loudspeaker, for simplified connectivity for end users. Available models include Square (white only) or Round (white, black, or aluminum) options that are all paintable to match the room décor.

    Mounting options for in-ceiling, on-ceiling, pole, or wire rope configurations facilitate integrating the MXA920 into a number of spaces. The MXA920 will be available later in 2022 and debuting for live demos for the first time at ISE 2022, May 10 – 13 in Barcelona.

    With the launch of the MXA920, the MXA910 will no longer be available.
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