• Austrian Audio unveils affordable OD303 vocal mic at NAMM

    Austrian Audio announces the OD303, that allows singers and performers to get an Austrian Audio a dynamic vocal microphone at an price that is reportedly unparalleled in this price range.

    With rugged construction, the OD303 is stated to withstand daily use in the rehearsal room and also the wear and tear of the road. The product uses die-cast housing and fits comfortably in the hand, says Austrian Audio.

    The OD303 also incorporates Open Acoustic technology which delivers "an optimally-shaped supercardioid polar pattern across a wide frequency band and with excellent feedback stability".

    Due to the open design, there are only minimal changes in sound and feedback behaviour when holding the mic close to the head grille, according to the company. In addition, the proprietary 3D Pop Noise Diffuser, developed by Austrian Audio, reportedly reduces noise caused by explosive sounds such as "T" and "P".

    Europe: €99 inc. VAT
    USA: $119 + tax

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