• QSC Q-SYS introduces network amplifiers for smaller spaces

    QSC Q-SYS has introduced the SPA-Q Series network amplifiers that join other Q-SYS products that naturally pair with smaller Q-SYS Cores (such as the Q-SYS Core Nano), allowing you to decouple the I/O from the processor for a higher degree of customization and scalability.

    Utilizing Class-D topology, the convection-cooled Q-SYS SPA-Q 100-2f (two channel x 60 W) and Q-SYS SPA-Q 200-4f (four channel x 60 W) amplifiers provide bidirectional GPIO for control and two onboard software-definable flex channels (either mic/line inputs or line outputs), giving integrators flexibility for I/O and control at the periphery of the system.

    Both models are half-rack, 1RU and include hardware for multiple mounting options allowing for flexible placement.

    “Our customers were in need of a flexible, high-value end point that was more than just a basic amplifier solution,” says Daniel Saenz, Amplifier and Loudspeaker Product Manager, Q-SYS. “In fact, this type of product was the most request portfolio addition by our own Communities for Developers. As native Q-SYS Products, SPA-Q harnesses the power of the Q-SYS OS to deliver as much value as possible in an I/O-enabled network amplifier plus provides the right amount of power for those smaller, high-impact spaces.”
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