• Adamson dives into immersive audio with the Fletcher Machine

    Adamson Systems Engineering has announced that they are getting into the realm of immersive audio with the introduction of The Adamson Fletcher Machine, an audio rendering processor that offers spatialization tools.

    Adamson Fletcher Machine utilizes amplitude and time localization; the rendered signals that are sent to the loudspeakers are calculated from the objects point of view, ensuring the best spatial coherence for most listening positions, says the company.

    The Stage Model is a 3U 19” rack-mount, capable of controlling either 64 or 128 inputs and outputs with the compact Traveller Model being able to handle either 32 or 64 inputs, paired with 32 outputs.

    Each of these are available with hardware configurations operating in AVB/MADI or Dante audio at 48 or 96 kHz. All configurations keep latency at a nominal 1.33 ms.

    The reportedly easy-to-use user interface is based on the digital mixing desk approach and includes a set of mixing tools including EQ and compression for each object, up to 4 auxiliary sends and up to 8 VCAs, loudspeaker positioning in 3 dimensions, as well as an reverb with a comprehensive controls.

    The Adamson Fletcher Machine can receive OSC and MIDI messages so it can also be controlled using external devices. As well, it can be easily interfaced with tracking systems to track object movements.

    The remote operation software is available for either Mac or Windows operating system.
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