• Crest Audio new CPL+ Series hybrid loudspeakers

    Peavey Commercial Audio introduces the new Crest Audio CPL+ Series of loudspeakers. Ranging from a single 5-inch coaxial to 15-inch loudspeaker systems, there are 14 models in the line. Crest denotes the CPL+ series as “Hybrid”, meaning the enclosures are reportedly equally suitable for public address, music playback and/or live performance requirements in permanent and live sound applications.

    The CPL+ Series includes as follows: two 2-way coax speakers (CPL 5C+, 25C+); six full-range 2-way speakers (CPL 6+, 26+, 8+, 10+, 12+, and 15+); two columns (CPL 4L+, 8L+); two coax wedges (CPL 12CM+, 15CM+); and two subwoofers (CPL 265B+, 15B+).

    Designed to be discreet, the flyable enclosures of the CPL+ Series are coated in either a black or white polyurea paint finish. A variety of mounting and flying options are available, including multiple eyebolt flying points, U-brackets, Versamount, special wall mounts, and pole mount adapters.

    The CPL+ Series targets a variety of settings, from classrooms and meeting facilities, to banquet halls and restaurants/clubs/bars as well as courtrooms, houses of worship and auditoriums.

    Some features of the CPL+ Series include:

    • Plywood construction
    • Neodymium high-frequency drivers and woofers on select models
    • Rotatable horns on select two-way passive speaker models
    • Loop-through connectivity
    • Tweeter protection on all full-range models
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