• RCF XPS 16k power amp: 4x4000W in 2U

    RCF has now unleashed its power amplification and signal processing technology into a 2U package for mobile touring and installed audio applications. Achieving a new milestone in RCF’s history, XPS 16K provides extreme power density and control, boasting 4 x 4000W continuous power outputs, routing options with four analog and digital AES/EBU inputs/outputs, Dante Audio Networking, and a set of tools for signal processing and tuning.

    XPS 16K is consistent with RCF's a power-agnostic philosophy to provide a choice of powered speakers or externally amplified systems.

    Each XPS 16K amplifier combines two 40-bit floating-point SHARC DSP chips at 96 kHz and two more 32-bit DSP chips to independently manage audio processing and signal routing for redundancy. Onboard DSP handles input/output delays, IIR/FIR equalization, crossover filters, and thermal/RMS/peak limiting. XPS 16K also includes RCF speaker presets for fast and accurate system tuning for those using RCF systems.

    With XPS 16K, RCF also introduces RDNet-OE, the latest evolution of RDNet Networked Management platform for RCF compatible products. Each amplifier integrates four Ethernet ports on the rear panel with an internal 1Gb/s switch, making it easy to daisy-chain multiple amplifiers or integrate the system into any existing Ethernet infrastructure. Several XPS 16K devices can be connected to other RDNet compatible devices, or to one or more computers running RDNet software without requiring an external RCF CONTROL Series device.

    Each XPS 16K amplifier block is self-protecting and designed on an ‘audio-at-all-times’ principle, with all fault protection features individually implemented for each channel and power supply. Closed-loop digital protections span from RMS signal protection to Bass Motion Control (BMS) to limit over excursion. Power supply output dynamic limiter allows for high-performance and long-lasting bursts, while peak overvoltage protection protects amplifiers in a responsive approach, says RCF. Also implemented are RMS overcurrent protection for short circuit protection, and gain modulation for thermal protection.
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