• LEA Professional introduces 6000W Connect Series 1504 power amplifier

    LEA Professional, manufacturer of pro-audio power amplifiers with cloud- and IoT-based technologies, is now shipping its new Connect Series 1504. This new high-power amplifier is a game-changing solution that resets the standard in pro audio amplifier performance, connectivity and ease of deployment for large installations, says the company.

    The new LEA Connect Series 1504 four-channel model drives up to 1,500 watts per channel (into 2, 4, and 8 ohms as well as 70Vrms and 100Vrms) and is available In Network Connect (1504) and Dante Connect Versions (1504D). The 1504 and 1504D include advanced DSP that includes FIR filters and up to 4 seconds of delay. The Smart Power Bridge feature of this amplifier will provide flexibility allowing for two Smart Power Bridge channels that can turn the amp into a 2 x 3000 watt amplifier. With three different methods of network connection, users can connect using the amplifier’s built-in Wi-Fi Access Point, connecting to an existing Wi-Fi network, or using a Local Area Network Ethernet connection.

    “At LEA, we go out of our way to listen to the market and make product development decisions based on integrator needs and wants,” said Brian Pickowitz, VP Marketing, LEA Professional. “With the significant adoption rate of Connect Series amplifiers, integrators said that they were looking for a higher-powered option to provide power performance and IoT connectivity to large-scale installations.”

    Unique to any other professional amplifier manufacturer, the new Connect Series models also leverage the built-in Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Core. This provides systems integrators with reportedly powerful, reliable and secure remote monitoring and control capabilities across their entire lineup of IoT-enabled amplifiers through the LEA Cloud. The cloud platform has supported integrators not only by allowing them to work remotely, but also helping ensure they are provided a steady, stable income in the form of recurring revenue.

    The Connect Series also has access to the LEA Professional Web UI which allows users to get a status check of every amplifier connected to the network and a status of every channel on any given amp to monitor channel performance. In addition, the platform gives users the capacity to view and adjust channel settings such as input settings, signal generator, crossover, equalizer, limiter, and load monitoring.

    “We look forward to seeing these new high-power Connect Series amplifiers make an impact in larger installations. From Houses of Worship, to stadiums and arenas, these new additions have been engineered to meet a broad range of applications,” concluded Pickowitz. “In 2019 LEA Professional changed the game for small to medium installations, and today we’re changing the game once again.”

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