• Marian Clara E: PCIe Dante solution with up to 1024 channels

    Marian introduces the Clara E PCIe audio solution, enabling integration of audio computers in Dante networks. Digital real-time transfer of up to 1024 uncompressed audio channels via standard Ethernet infrastructures is possible via Dante.

    Marian combines Dante with its Clara and Seraph systems in the new Clara E. The solution can work in tandem with other Marian solutions through the TDM bus, behaving like one cohesive sound systems towards the audio software. Latest-generation Marian drivers feature both multi-client support for ASIO 2.2 and multichannel WDM audio / WASAPI, with latency of around a millisecond through the fast PCIe connection.

    Clara E gives users access to up to 512 inputs and outputs at 48 kHz. At 96 kHz there are 256 channels available, at 192 kHz the channel count is 128 inputs and outputs.

    Two separate Ethernet connections enable full hardware redundancy – if one line fails, the system switches to the other one without interruption. Both Ethernet ports are AES67 compatible, allowing to alternatively work with Ravenna or other Audio-over-IP formats.

    Managing a large number of channels can be challenging, so Marian provides a 1024 x 1024 real-time routing matrix integrated with Clara E. Internal sources or signals from other systems connected through the TDM bus can be managed, including level-adjustments inside the matrix. Clara E also comes with the proprietary Beast digital mixer. Its 64 inputs can access all audio resources within the computer and from the installed Marian systems, mixing them latency-free to eight sums. All input channels feature parametric four-band EQs. The Beast is processed entirely on the Marian DSPs, leaving the host computer’s CPU untaxed.

    Optional modules expand the system by additional inputs and outputs like digital AES/EBU interfaces, integrating these signals into the Dante universe. The MWX version Clara E+ adds MIDI interfaces to the system.

    MARIAN Clara E audio solution is available from mid August at specialist retailers and directly from the online shop at cma.audio. The MSRP including VAT are €1980 for Clara E and €2080 Euro for Clara E+.
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