• Solid State Logic X-Limit limiter plug-in

    Solid State Logic continues to expand its SSL Complete subscription offering with its latest plug-in, X-Limit. The new plug-in is available now in several formats including VST2, VST3, AAX and AU as part of the ever-growing SSL Complete subscription from $14.99 per/month. X-Limit is the fifth new plug-in added to the SSL Complete subscription offering in recent months.

    X-Limit is a tool for a range of applications, including live sound, recording, mixing and mastering given its reportedly low latency performance. Producers, engineers and other content creators will appreciate its ease of use in the studio as an effective means of increasing the loudness of tracks, buses and masters — without clipping.

    “We are delighted at this robust new addition to our plug-in portfolio, giving users another indispensable mixing tool that is both powerful and simple to use.” commented Jon Sandman, Plug-ins Product Manager at SSL. “Whether you are looking for extremely transparent limiting, colour and punch, or classic SSL glue, X-Limit has you covered.”

    As with other SSL plug-ins, X-Limit provides a wide feature set. Steering and ducking meters indicate how the limiting process might influence the stereo image of your signal and provides visual feedback on how to minimise stereo degradation while using the channel link control. Meantime, the all-in-one waveform and threshold display lets you set your threshold and ceiling against the incoming signal level.

    Key features of the new X-Limit include:

    • All-in-one visualiser: The all-in-one waveform visualiser and threshold/ceiling sliders let the user set parameters against the incoming signal level
    • True Peak: True Peak mode engages SSL’s True Peak algorithm, ensuring that inter-sample peaks are effectively limited and providing momentary and max True Peak value readouts
    • Channel Link: The Ducking and Steering meters provide intuitive visual feedback to understand the effect of limiting on the stereo, helping guide users towards the ideal amount of channel linking for minimum stereo degradation
    • Styles function: Users can pick from four carefully designed limiter characteristics, including Transparent, Glue, Punch and Auto
    • Gain Lock: Locks the applied gain to demo different presets and styles for any given source material
    • Mix Control: When using the limiter to add punch rather than catch peaks, the Mix control enables users to dial back the effect
    • Along with the SSL Complete subscription, X-Limit will also be available at a cost of $99 (ONLY $69 until August 28th, strangely considering recent parity €85.00 and €59.99 in euros, at least from Europe).
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