• Drawmer introduces the 1972 dual mic/line/instrument preamplifier

    Drawmer is introducing Ivor Drawmer's 1972 dual mic/line/instrument preamplifier for both studio and live sound applications, featuring two identical channels of analog pre-amplification in a 1U rack chassis. A 'Select' input source switch has six positions to cover the 1/4-inch front panel instrument input jack for guitars, basses, or electronic keyboards, and five more positions covering separate rear panel XLR input jacks for microphones with or without 48-volt phantom powering or line level input sources. Other switch positions are provided to match microphones with 200, 600 or 2,400-ohm impedances.

    Up to 66dB of gain in 6dB steps is provided by THAT Corporation electronics using a 12-position rotary Gain switch. Input levels are monitored on a five LED color-coded meter directly above the Input Gain control and a compact analog VU meter monitors the final Output level.

    Front panel controls continue with a Phase reverse button and the switchable Lo and HiCut filter section. The LoCut section is switchable in/out and is a 12db/octave filter with the ability to sweep any frequency between 15Hz to 350Hz. The HiCut or low-pass half of this filter ranges from 1.5kHz to 20kHz and is also a 12dB/Octave design.

    Also in the 1972 is 'Lift', a low-level, upward expander. When switched in, Lift adds gain to input signals below a level of -30dB. Starting at -30dB, the amount of added gain is gradually reduced as the average level approaches 0dB. Lift is the ultimate, smooth, automatic, gain-riding tool, says Dramer.

    Another feature of 1972 is 'Shape', comprised of two separate, fixed-frequency tilt or see-saw equalizers both centered at 500Hz. Low Shape will provide up to a 2.5dB boost at 40Hz and, at the same time, attenuates -2.5dB at 10kHz. Conversely, Hi Shape reduces by 2.5dB at 40Hz and, at the same time, boosts up to 2.5dB at 10kHz. With both low and high Shape buttons engaged, a "scoop" centered at 500Hz is generated.

    As with all Drawmer products, the 1972 is made in the UK. US MSRP is $1149. In Europe it can be bought for 1169€ including VTA. The 1972 is now available.
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