• Yamaha launches STAGEPAS 1K mkII and DXL1K powered systems

    Yamaha Corporation has announced two new additions to its professional audio lineup with the STAGEPAS 1K mkII portable PA system and the DXL1K powered loudspeaker.

    Featuring a j-shaped column of ten 1.5” cone speakers and a compact 12" bass reflex subwoofer, all driven by a Class-D amplifier, STAGEPAS 1K is an all-in-one portable PA system. Now, the mkII version features enhanced sound and control features.

    With a coverage area of 170° (horizontal) by 30° (vertical), STAGEPAS 1K's onboard digital mixer offers three channels of mono microphone/line inputs, plus stereo inputs, as well a 1-Knob EQ and Music/DJ/Speech Mode.

    Targeted at music duos, small groups, mobile DJs, presentations, meetings and speeches, the included carrying case and optional DL-SP1K dolly simplifies transportation.

    The new STAGEPAS 1K mkII adds enhanced sound pressure levels and more flexible remote control. A 1100W Class-D amplifier delivers nominal 125dB SPL and STAGEPAS Controller, an all-new software application, provides remote control of all STAGEPAS 1K mkII parameters using an Android or iOS device. In addition, a scene recall feature allows saving and recalling settings for individual songs or applications.

    Complementing the STAGEPAS 1K mkII is the new DXL1K, a ‘sister’ system without the onboard mixer for use as a standalone powered speaker system with a separate audio mixer or linking with STAGEPAS 1K mkII and DXL1K systems for larger-scale events. A 1:1 system can be set up to deliver either stereo or mono sound. If the STAGEPAS 1K mkII is set to deliver mono audio, the inputs of the DXL1K and STAGEPAS 1K mkII can both be used, meaning up to five mono inputs plus one stereo input are available. Similarly, two DXL1K with two STAGEPAS 1K mkII (or three DXL1K with one STAGEPAS 1K mkII) can be used to cover a wider or deeper area with either stereo or mono audio.
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